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Anxiety and Stress Disorders

Conversion Disorder and Glove Anesthesia



Approximately 15 years ago, in the course of a week`s time, my hands went numb (to the wrist)and I was subsequently diagnosed with a conversion disorder, specifically glove anesthesia. For approximately a year I saw a psychiatrist, trying drug and talk therapy, with no results. I discontinued the psychiatric visits (and pills) as other of life`s demands became greater than finding a solution to this problem.

I have accepted the severe numbness as a "part of who I am" even though there is discomfort and some degree disability in performing everyday tasks like using keys, buttoning shirts and dropping objects.

Recently, with more time available to me, I am considering resuming the original quest.

My questions are: Is it reasonable to expect a resolution after this much time? I`m not sure I could even accurately portray what was going on in my life 15 years ago, or certainly beyond that, should I be asked to do so!

Second, are there psychiatrists who use hypnosis to find the root cause of a problem like this? I hate to spend another year recounting my life story, and would hate equally to bore a doctor thus. And I absolutely refuse to take more drugs. Hypnosis seems like a reasonable shortcut.

Is there a certain kind of psychiatrist I should look for? I would prefer someone who specializes in this kind of thing, but what kinds of credentials should I look for? Or does it even matter?

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