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Obesity and Weight Management

Weight Gain After Serious Iillness



18 months ago I was given 1 month to live with Crohns disease, for almost 2 years I could not eat my weight plummeted, I then underwent a pan proctoclectomy and against the odds survived. Now however I have gone the opposite way and have gained 4 stones, I am not overeating, I don`t gorge on sweets, or smoke or drink, yet my weight will not come down. I am not very active due to my health, Doctor says my body is holding onto everything due to it being in starvation mode, what can I do to change this, nothing is working, and I hate it, would a gastric lap band be the answer


Thank you for your inquiry about weight loss surgery.

Unfortunately, the Lap Band device is contraindicated in patients with Crohns Disease due to the possibility of chronic inflammation of the gastrointestinal tract. I would work with your primary care physician to develop a diet and exercise plan appropriate for you.

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