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Cystic Fibrosis

CF, Overweight, Vitamin Deficiency



I am 33, overweight (five foot tall, almost 200 lbs). I was diagnosed with CF at 3-4 months old. I`m gaining weight like crazy, and having seizures. I`m being told this could be a vitamin deficiency. My question is, if they put me on PEP`s, will my weight continue to raise? Ever heard of anything like this? My docs in L-ville haven`t...we`re all stumped. I just know that all this weight is killing me, and they strongly advise me against dieting, and exercise is almost impossible due to the weight and lung function! Thanks for any answers you can provide.


This sounds like a very difficult problem for you, and I am sure that it is discouraging to both your caregiver team and you. However, this is well beyond the ability to evaluate in a forum like this. I would hope that a variety of specialists such as endocrinologists and gastroenterologists, in addition to, or part of, your CF care team are involved in trying to sort this out. Given time and patience I hope that you will find the answer. I am sorry I cannot be of more help. 

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John S Heintz, MD John S Heintz, MD
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