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Pain Management

Strained Nerve in Right Leg



I fell down a small flight of stairs about a week and a half ago. I was carrying a box, so I hurt my wrist on the landing, and though my shins and knees were pretty badly bruised, I didn`t even think I had any soft tissue injury (THANK GOD). A day or so afterward, though, I realized I had a shooting pain on the outside/back of my right calf. I thought at first it was a strained or pulled muscle, but I have a friend who`s a sports trainer, and she said it sounded like a strained nerve. A week later, nearly all of my bruises are healed, but my leg still hurts if I bend it juuust right. It used to hurt just while walking (on the release, to be more exact), but now it just hurts if I bend it inward and/or put a lot of weight on it while the knee is deeply bent.

Anyway, I`m a runner, and I`ve decided not to run until it doesn`t hurt at all anymore. That being said, I miss running, and I want to find out what the pain is so I can treat it and make it better! I`m a 21-year-old female in good shape. Help? :)


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