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Pharmacy and Medications

If I Can Take Mucus Relief DM with Tylenol #3



i was prescribed tylenol #3 and prednisone today and just bought mucus relief dm and want to make sure if it is safe to take it


Mucus Relief DM is okay to take with Tylenol #3 and prednisone. Check with your pharmacist before taking any other over the counter products to make sure they can be used with your health condition and medications. While you are taking Tylenol #3, you don’t want to take over the counter products that also contain Tylenol or acetaminophen as too much can cause damage to your liver. Mucus Relief DM does not contain Tylenol and is safe to take with the medications you listed.

Submitted by Kelly Jackson, PharmD Candidate
The Ohio State University College of Pharmacy

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Response by:

Carmen M Hadley, RPh, CSPI
Former Clinical Instructor
College of Pharmacy
The Ohio State University