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Sports Medicine

Shoulder Surgery



How long does it take for raw bone to heal after bone spur removal in the shoulder?


This question needs to be addressed to the surgeon who performed the surgery, who should be able to provide information specific to the patient's situation.

Bone healing in general, regardless of whether this is following surgery to bone, or in response to non-surgical bone trauma such as a stress fracture or other bone fracture - typically takes place over the course of several weeks.

Removal of a "bone spur" from the shoulder, or from anywhere else, is more complicated than just removing or shaving off a "spur," since a "spur" is where a ligament (osteophyte) or tendon (enthesophyte) attaches to bone but then this soft tissue attachment ossifies (turns to bone) due to wear and tear. Such spurs are often the result of a problem rather than their cause. Therefore, this ligament or tendon attachment is necessarily removed as part of "bone spur removal."

If several weeks after a surgical procedure symptoms and function are not improving as expected, follow-up with the surgeon is certainly appropriate and advisable.

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