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Athletic Training

Toe Spasms



hi some times when i swim my toes locks up and some thimes the others next to it do to and it hurts real bad and i would like to know how to stop it like forever is it possible?


There are a few reasons that this may be occurring.
You may be slightly dehydrated, so make sure you are drinking ample fluids on days that you workout. 

You may also need to make sure you stretch out your feet prior to swimming. For example, sit down and push your toes up to the point of tolerance and hold it for 15-20 seconds, repeat 3-5 times. If you feel that it starts to occur while you are swimming, stop and stretch before it becomes a bigger problem.

Finally, make sure you are keeping your feet relaxed when you swim. If you try too hard to point your toes while kicking, this may be causing the cramping. 

Hope this information helps, good luck!

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Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC Katrina B Stibel, MA, ATC
Assistant Athletic Trainer, Instructor
Department of Athletics
College of Medicine
The Ohio State University