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Sperm Agglutination



I did a Semen analysis last week. My total count is 98.2. And Rapid progressice motile is 20%, while slow progressive motile is 25%. And Normal Spermotozoa Morphology is 65%, while abnormal sperotozoa is 35%. Sperm Agglutination (Head to Head) is (+), Sperm Agglutination (Tail to Tail) is (+). so, by analysing the above readings can you please tell me whether my sperm quality and quantity are good enough to father a child ? And please tell me what (+) means in sperm agglutination (head to head), and (tail to tail) ?


Your semen analysis is done based on the old criteria. Kruger strict morphology is what we are using now. As your count and other qualities is concerned, all seem to be fine.

However, + agglutination test means you may have antisperm antibody which prevents the sperm to move freely and hence reduced chance of conception.

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Ahmad  Hamidinia, MD Ahmad Hamidinia, MD
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