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Athletic Training

Lower Leg Injury



Hi, I have had a shin split or some sort of other injury that involves the lower right leg for about a week now. I got the injury from doing HIIT. It does not hurt that much when i walk but i do feel pain when i jump or run, especially if i run backwards. I do not think it is severe because the pain is not that bad and i can tolerate the pain if i start running. I have not worked out for a week and would like to now If i can start my weight lifting workouts again that only train my upper body using 30lb-40lb dumbbells and i would also like to now if i can do push ups and pull ups and cycle on a bike. If i can cycle on bike can i do it at high intensity

I really want to start training again but i do not want my leg to get any worse. Please reply telling me if it is okay to train.


Thanks for using Net Wellness! Unfortunately, I don’t feel that I have adequate information to advise on when you should start doing lower extremity exercises. However, with any lower extremity injury it typically is ok to continue upper body work and ride the bike. If your lower extremity continues to be painful you should follow up with a sports medicine physician.  

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Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC
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