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Doesn`t Like Milk!



My daughter is 10 months old and she doesn`t like to drink milk from a bottle (or a sippy cup). The real problem started when she was 6 months and started solid food. I`ve supplementing since she was 6 weeks old. I breastfeed a few time a day, but my milk supply is very low (I pump 0.5 oz from each side). It seems she is ok with breastfeeding but she doesn`t like any formula or the bottle feeding. I offer her the bottle before her meals but she still refuses the bottle. She refuses the bottle even when I put pumped milk in it. She eats fine and I try to give her yogurt/cheese throughout the day to make up for the calcium. How do I encourage her to accept the bottle/formula? How do I make sure that she`s taking enough calcium?


I would recommend just going to a cup and avoiding bottles altogether. I think your sweetie just loves the cuddling of breastfeeding and who can blame her? 

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