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Left Knee



I am a 36 year old female. Sept 2010 I suddenly fell while riding my bicycle. There were small wounds on both knees but it did not bother me much. Jan2011-Feb2011 I was on vacation and during the vacation I could feel left knee pains in the same place where I got hurt.

After I was back from the vacation I went to my doc, she referred me to a Reumatologist. I had to wait 3 months to be seen in by the Reumatologist. During these three months my pain got worse. Today the pain is so much worse in the whole leg that I am using crutches.

My everyday life is affected. I am lying in bed all day. It is so difficult to be in bed all day. I have always been active all my life. But even if I stand on my feet for an hour in the kitchen to make food for my children my leg starts hurting, my knee is inflamed. My hamstring feels like burning all the time. If I try to walk too much my ankle and hip would start hurting. I was checked last year for arthritis by blood samples and a CT scan was also done in Nov 2010. But there was no sign of arthritis and it showed that I have no bone disease.

I have seen the Reumatologist today, who after scanning my knee, says that he cant see anything related to arthritis. And has now sent me for a MRI. He thinks the meniscus might be torn. I am very much worried. I want to know if I will ever be better again if my meniscus is torn. Can it be fixed? I am worried I will never be able to be normal again. Please help!!!


A torn meniscus is either repaired or removed through an arthroscopic surgery. If your MRI confirms a torn meniscus, I suggest you make an appointment with an orthopedic surgeon who focuses on knee surgeries. A meniscus tear does not heal on it's own so it is important to receive treatment. Most people have a successful outcome with a surgical intervention.

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