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Urinary and Genital Disorders (Children)




I have a neice 6.5 years old. She has white blood cells in her kidneys. They finsh and come to normal when she gets antibiotc but come back again after some time. I`m too much worried for her. She doesnt feel any problem in making urine or pain in kidneys. She has got this problem for the last 3 years.


There are several reasons to have white blood cells in the urine. The most common reason would be a urinary tract infection. If she is having recurrent infections, then some imaging studies can be ordered by your pediatrician including a kidney and bladder ultrasound. Depending on the results, she may need further testing, such as a xray of the bladder (called a VCUG). If the ultrasound is abnormal, then an evaluation by a pediatric kidney specialist (nephrologist or urologist) may be warranted.

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William Robert DeFoor, MD, MPH William Robert DeFoor, MD, MPH
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