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9yr old son has had low grade fever and vomiting



My son woke up yesterday morning with a low grade fever 100 or so and soon after vomited. Got him some ibuprofen and layer him back down. By the end of the day he had vomited 4 or so more times. Finally got him to eat a little soup around 6pm and then he wanted some oatmeal. He did keep that down for the night, but he woke me up @ 5am when he vomited again. He has vomited once more around lunch. All the while had the fever. We give him Tylenol or ibuprofen it will bring it down for an hour or so then back to around 100. Could this be just a virus or should I take him to the ER for something that could be more serious?


Thank you for visiting NetWellness. Unfortunately, our experts can not respond to your question because NetWellness is not an emergency service. Please do not hesitate to call your primary care provider or your local emergency room should you feel that your son needs immediate care.

Best wishes.

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