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I have pain in the bottom of my foot by my big toe and the pain sometimes run down to the arch. I also have some swelling. Can you tell me what sesamoiditis is? What is the treatments, systems and cuases?


Thanks for using NetWellness! From what you are describing it sounds as if you might have irritated a tendon that runs inside your sesamoids on the bottom of your foot, or you could possibly have sesamoiditis.

Sesamoiditis is an irritation of the two small bones that act as shock absorbers sitting under your big toe. We see this injury often in runners, or other activities where you are on your toes a lot. The cause is typically overuse, however it can also be caused by poor mechanics or poor footwear.

Unfortunately, the best treatment is rest. There are some other anti-inflammatory treatments that can be guided by any sports medicine physician. If this problems persists even after a period of rest, you should follow up with a physician.

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Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC Courtney D Siegel, MEd, ATC
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