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Gastic Bypass



I have had seizures all my life until 6 years ago when I had brain surgery and had scar tissue removed from my right temporall lobe. Now I have the opprotunity to have gastric bypass and I am scared that I might have seizures again from this surgery. I have read some horror stories about other epileptics that had this procedure done and then had seizures. What are my odds?


Gastric bypass should not have a negative effect on seizures. The only exception would be if there are problems with malabsorption of the seizure medications, that is the seizure medications may not be completely absorbed because the GI tract is not functioning normally after surgery. This can be checked by measuring the blood levels of the medications you?re taking. I suggest measuring the blood levels of the medications before surgery (maybe twice over a few weeks to get a good idea what the blood level range is), then get the levels measured every 1-2 weeks for a month or two after the surgery. If the levels are the same or similar, you shouldn't have to worry.

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