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Chemotherapy Regimen for a Type II Diabetic



I have had controlled Type II diabetes for 15 years and I haVE Diabetes Insipidous as well. After an accident, I also have significant orthopaedic surgery (autogenous spinal fusion) cartiledge breakdown and am developing thinking of the cardiac wall, although two recent cardiac caths show arteries are 95% clear. This month I was diagnosed with stage 1 r breast cancer and a stage II on the left at 2 cm. I am scheduled for Lumpectomy. Recommended for radiation 6 weeks post. Chemo - this is my question. I have learned some chemo drugs are not good for patients with one or more of my conditions. I have been told we won`t now if and when about chem until the biopsies come back after surgery. What chemo drugs are recommended for least side effects impacting my conditions? I am 68 and I know my case is not simply and not sure who do go to in the Mercer County NJ region. Thank you for your help.


These are difficult questions that cannot be answered in an email. Best would be to find a medical oncologist with expertise in breast cancer that will discuss all this with you.

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