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Kidney Diseases

Coincidence of Nervous Tics and Proteinuria



Odd question, I know, but both of my teens (boys) developed proteinuria and nervous (motor) tics at the same time that they were going thru BIG teen growth spurts. Do you know of any conditions at all that might link these things? Nothing jumps out at the docs, but I`m still racking my brain for an explanation for why these things happened concurrently for BOTH boys. I feel like we`re all overlooking something, but I can`t think of anything else to have checked!


I did check with our pediatric renal consultant, and neither he nor I can think of any disorders that tie the two problems together. 
If you could provide a little more info, we might be able to look into this more. 

For instance:

Let me know if you can supply more info, and we'll continue to think about this!

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