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Local Anesthetic Not Working



My partner has recently had the snip done. All the way through he felt the whole proceedure. He visited the hospital yesterday and a nurse told him he needed another local anesthetic and he explained he`s always felt pain during no matter what he is having done. She mentioned he may have a syndrome that also has hyperextendable joints as a symptom, he remembers it beginning with the letter "L". could you please let us know if possible what this syndrome is and its effects? Many thanks.


Thanks for the interesting question. The syndrome with hyperextendable joints is probably Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, Type III. There are several variants of this condition. There are reports of local anesthetic "resistance" - that is inadequate or incomplete anesthesia, or shorted duration of the effect of local anesthetics. I could not find any information on the mechanism of this resistance. For more information about Ehlers Danlos I suggest you consult one of the other forums on NetWellness - perhaps Inherited Disorders and Birth Defects.

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Gareth S Kantor, MD Gareth S Kantor, MD
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